Halo Light retro w/torsion spring

This last weekend I installed some Halo retrofit LED kits into some can lights that are approximately 45 years old. (Pretty sure they were from Sears because they still had the Sears incandescent original bulbs installed)
No way to identify the model easily, even if that would tell you anything.
I used the "torsion springs" as the directions recommended, (because the last valence used torsion springs) the holes lined up.
Problem, the springs will not hold the valence tight enough to the ceiling and it show 1/16" - 1/8" gap between the valence and the ceiling. At first I just thought it was just the popcorn ceiling, but now I noticed that I had the same issue in the great-room with a smooth ceiling.
How do I tighten these up to close the gap ?
Halo Model:
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Sid 03
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In alt.home.repair, on Sun, 29 Nov 2020 21:00:55 -0800 (PST), Sid 03
Wow. Bulbs last 45 years. Very good. Were they dim or anything?
1 Bend the springs? make sure you bend them in the right direction. easy to make a mistake :-) But they look pretty thin, not sure they can do it.
2 The right glue? Something that will stick, hold, but can be separated when need be. What I usually use for this is Ambroid Cement. Dries quick, smells good. Try it on one and see if it works.
A) Only for sale at hobby stores.
B) Can it fit well on the popcorn ceiling.
3 Attach some coil pull-back spring to the inside and to the fixture.
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On Mon, 30 Nov 2020 08:57:22 -0500, micky snipped-for-privacy@fmguy.com wrote:
glue shims to the "top" of the ceiling drywall where the springs contact.
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Clare Snyder
In alt.home.repair, on Mon, 30 Nov 2020 15:40:28 -0500, Clare Snyder
Wow, they don't sell ambroid cement anymore, but 1 or 2 webpages say how to make it, LOL.
that sounds good.
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Glue shims where ? The torsion springs fit into holes in the sides of the existing cans and supposedly spread-out as the light/bezel is pushed up to the ceiling. They are just not holding very tight. Bending might be the way to go, but the bend would need to be in exactly the correct place ?!
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Sid 03

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