I have a 70 yr. old home; brick and stucco. I currently have one of
those driveways that have concrete "lanes" with a grassy area in
between the concrete. It goes all the way to the back of the house to a
little-used garage and up to my back door. I am going to have it
blacktopped but do not want the blacktop to go right up to my back
door. I would like to use gravel in the back of the house where the
driveway meets my backdoor. If you have to step out your backdoor onto
a driveway, wouldn't it be more natural to step onto a gravel surface?
What are some nice attractive gravel types to use? What about red
instead of gray? Has anyone used gravel outside the backdoor and do you
like it?
Pam Sedor
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I think I'd go with pavers. The problem with gravel is that it holds dirt and moisture and there isn't any way to sweep it, so you are always tracking into the house. The grass tracked water- but it is fairly clean. Properly installed pavers will take the abuse of a car driving on them, but will look elegant right outside your door.
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Jim Elbrecht
I agree. I wouldn't want gravel outside my door. It looks like hell, the stones wind up in the grass, and weeds grow in it.
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Personally I think it is perfectly natural to step into a blacktop surface.
If you have the money, I would do the whole drive in brick.
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Joseph Meehan
gravel is messy, dirt always migrates thru it unless theres a asphalt on concrete surface under it. a driveway thats 2 different surfaces will likey cause troubles when you sell home, oh look they didnt finish the driveway:(
theres a fake gravel, asphalt with gravel crushed into it, but it will cost more than plain asphalt
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I have a gravel (limestone) driveway and even though you walk from that over a 20 ft brick walk and rugs inside and outside the back door to catch the dirt, we're constantly having to sweep the kitchen floor to pick up the dirt from the driveway. Really bad when it's been raining. I do prefer the old time, rustic, look of the gravel drive instead of blacktop, however, and when my neighbors blacktopped the rest of the 400 ft private lane leading back to my house, I stayed with the gravel. No problem with them as I was the last house on the lane.
Tom G
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Tom G
When was the last time you walked on gravel? Barefoot? In heels? If you use big pebbles, it never really settles, and if you use mixed sand/dirt/gravel, you'll be tracking abrasives into the house every time you use that doorway.
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