Fun facts about supplemental oxygen on commercial aircraft

====================How long does oxygen last in aircraft?
And does one pilot need to wear a mask at all times above 35000ft?
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In the USA, 121 air carriers have bottled oxygen for crew the Airbus A320 that I fly the Oxygen (with a full bottle) with 4 crew members in the cockpit (Captain, First Officer and two jumpseaters) will last 28 minutes. With 3 crew it is much longer and with 2 crew it is much, much longer.
At all 121 air carriers in the USA anytime a crew member leaves his or her position above FL240 (24,000 ft) it is required for remaining crew member (in the cockpit) to put on his or her oxygen mask.
At or above FL430 (43,000 feet) it is required that one crew member has his or her oxygen mask on at all times.
Source(s): Airline Pilot
The minimum requirement is that the oxygen should last for at least 30 minutes. That gives the pilot sufficient time to descent to a safe altitude where the pressure difference (cabin and ambient) is minimal. Oxygen masks are required for flight crew at all times for altitudes above 41000ft.
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