FSBO question

What hasn't been discussed is the state of the market. Is it a seller's or buyer's market where you are?
If you are in a buyer's market you probably won't even get many buyers agents to show your home, and those that do will steer their clients away to a comparable home where they can work with a co-operative agent. Realtors don't like FSBOs and do all in their power to thwart a sale. They do their best to skew the statistics in order to prove that people need them. They also believe that a FSBO sale is more problematic, so more work for them. They create their own mythologies about FSBOs.
If you're in a seller's market just price your home competitively, and use a good attorney. You should be able to get comps easily enough. I use realtor.com to see what homes are listing for in my area. You can also get the records on recent sales and the actual prices from your city or county. Those are public documents, and fundamentally that's all any appraiser will do that's of any substance.
I'm a big fan of FSBO, I sold a home for asking price in 3 days once, but also had another home on the market for over a year with nothing but headaches and sabotage from local realtors because it was a buyer's market and a local contractor was handing out all kinds of perks as incentive to buy their new construction in my still developing community. Two very different scenarios, with two very different outcomes.
It's pure hell to have a home on the market that long, not to mention that the longer it sits the harder it is to make the case for the asking price.
It all depends on the individual situation and how the market in your area is.
Good luck, please let us know how it all goes.
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