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Thanks to everyone who responded with advice on where to find cutting boards I could router into the surface of my burnt countertop.
I read with great amusement the flurry of posts that went back and forth about suing the pants off the candle manufacturer. I'm not looking to sue, and I hadn't even considered "asking" them for compensation to help replace my countertop. I did however, take pictures of the shattered jar next to the burn mark on the counter - just in case :-)
To answer some people's questions who may not be familiar with the Yankee Candle company, they make scented candles in various sizes from tealights on up. The ones my wife buys to burn around the house (they give a nice scent throughout the house) come in a quart-sized jar. The candle doesn't come out. The jar IS the candle. It is meant to be burnt in the jar. After several months of burning, the wax goes down to the bottom, where there is a thin metal plate. Of the hundreds of Yankee Candles my wife has burnt over the years, when the candle gets down to that point, the flame simply goes out, when there is no more wax or wick to keep it going. In this case however, for some reason the was extra wick left over, which kept going. We were in the living room (next room over from the kitchen where the candle was), when I thought I could smell a slight burning smell coming from the kitchen. I got up and went in to check on things and saw the shattered jar, and the wick still burning on my countertop, with the formica bubbling away. It must have been like that for at least 15 or 20 minutes. I never heard the jar break.
Anyways, I just checked on the box the Yankee Candle comes in. There are no warnings whatsoever, and no instructions saying not to put the candle directly on a surface ..... etc etc. We've always done it like that and never had a problem.
When I get my pictures developed, I'll probably send copies to the company, along with a letter, just to see what their reaction is.
Thanks again.
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