Frigidaire dehumidifier and power interruptions

Ok, I've about had it with our Frigidaire dehumidifier and am looking for a "hack" for it.
We've had this unit for 3 years or so and purchased it because it will run at colder temperatures- our basement is very damp and under the right conditions we sometimes need to run it a few times in the winter time.
My only real problem with this unit is that it will not come back on if the electricity goes out. And usually that's not a huge deal, unless we're gone on vacation. Well, guess what? We got back from a week long vacation and apparently the power blipped off and on during a storm. The dehumidifier was not running and the power light was blinking, as is the usual when the power has gone off. I turned it back on and it's running fine again.
Now before posting this, I searched usenet postings for others with this similar problem. I did see others complaining about this in a couple posts a few weeks ago about choosing the right dehumidifier. However, there were no solutions, other than returning it- and i'm way way past being able to do that.
Anyone have any "hack" or work around for this problem? Surely someone has already figured out a way to bypass this feature using only parts from a spring loaded ball point pen, a soldering iron, and some duct tape... I have faith in you, whoever you are, oh beloved MacGyver apprentices...
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