Follow-up on Lime-away, chlorine in bleach

Accidentally long-delayed follow-up on two threads I started:
I'm still not sure that the toilet I used Lime-away on gets dirty any faster than any other toilet. The surface feels smooth to my touch, and it may just have been that time was passing faster than I realized, and of course it was dirty from minerals normally in my water, or dust in my air. I don't want to leave people with an undeserved impression of those acidic toilet cleaners, like Lime-away, the Works, and Zep (this one sold only at Home Depot, at least under the name Zep. :) Maybe it's cheaper than the others?). Thanks for the help.
As to there being chorine in bleach, I found some that had it! Including iirc, Clorox. I based my original question on 3 bottles, a gallon that was bought a year ago by my neighbor at a dollar store, that had, I think it was Sodium Hyposulfite. And two smaller bottles of Clorox, one bought by me and the other probably by my mother. She died in 1995. I use bleach very little, as you can tell.
I found on the web that chlorine was declared by some agency of the US govt. -- I forget the term -- a dangerous substance in 1992. So maybe the bleach companies had to remove it from bleach soon after that. But maybe something changed and later they were allowed to put it in again, and some did.
(It seems that bleach is anything that bleaches. It isn't chlorine bleach unless it contains chlorine, but not all bleaches without chlorine are color-safe for non-white clothes. Even the bleach I found last week that contained chlorine, was not labelled "Chlorine Bleach". It only said chlorine in smaller print on the ingredient list, which in the case of bleach, seems to be on the front of the label. Not on the back where "petroleum distallates", etc. are usually mentioned.)
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