Electrical problem in garage, short circuit?

I'd just cut off each end below the ground and leave it alone. It's much easier to just dig a new trench and lay a new line.

I don't know how far you have to go under the asphalt, but you may be able to dig a hole on each end, then rig up a nozzle on one end of the conduit and use water pressure to tunnel under the slab. Naturally, this would be much easier for a short distance. It also depends on what type of soil you have; easy for sand, impossible for rock. :)
Otherwise, you'll probably have to cut the asphalt and dig your trench. I've never cut asphalt, so I don't know what is needed for that. Check with a tool rental place, I'm sure they would have something that could do it (water cooled saw probably?).
In any case, the conduit is a wise choice. You won't have to dig as deep, it offers protection for the wire, and you can easily replace the wire if you need to repair or upgrade later. I'd recommend installing a larger conduit than you need in case you need to upgrade in the future.
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