Electric baseboard heaters

I've recently moved into a house that has electric baseboard heaters and
thermostats controlling them in each room. It's a one storey house with a
finished basement. What's the best way to use these baseboard heaters to
keep the house warm, but not break the bank? If I heat the basement will the
heat rise to the main floor? Should I just heat the room I'm using? Any
thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
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I own. I'm in Victoria, British Columbia where it never gets really cold, but it does get damp. Yes, the attic is insulated.
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Leave the ones rooms with water fixtures set to around 50. Other than that, only turn on the heat in rooms you're using.
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If you heat the basement, yes, some, but not all of the heat will rise. Heat travels to a cooler spot. The walls and floor are also places the heat will go to. If you don't need much heat there, don't bother with it.
Don't keep the unused rooms too cool either unless it is going to be for a long time. If the room is empty for 2 hours, just leave it alone. At about 8 hours, turn it down a bit so you don't have to pay a lot to get it back up. If you have rooms that are only used once in a great while, set them way down, about 55 or.so. Keep in mind, the heat from the heated room is still going to seek the cooler areas and will be moving to that 55 degree room through the walls and door.
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Edwin Pawlowski
Hi Remi,
While you have the ability to turn down the heat in the rooms you do not use, I would caution you about the potential risk of mould and mildew (water vapour will condense on cold surfaces, including exterior walls). Since you live in a damp climate this could be a major concern. Try to minimize any indoor sources of humidity (i.e., by running exhaust fans when cooking and bathing) and consider operating a dehumidifier if necessary.
Cheers, Paul
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Paul M. Eldridge
Gas heat cost about 1/4th what those provide. Buy you gas heater and save 75% on your heat bill.
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