Drainage issue

We used to have an small cement "deck" about 5 ft x 6 ft with stairs from our back door. We replaced this with a pressure treated deck that is 10 ft by 24 ft. the concrete stairs were removed but the cement patio or landinf that the stairs sat on remained(in fear of disturbing foundation.
Well, with heavier rain, we now have water puddle up about 2 or 3 inches deep by our basement door where the bottom step of the wood deck is located.
It does look like the grading of the cement walkway that run along our house by this are may be level or slightly down towards our house.
1) Can I just simply lay new concrete over this are near my backdoor to change the grade and help water flow away?
2) Do I have to break up the old walkway and put in the newly graded one?
2 is most likely, correct?
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