Dishwasher GE GSD580 - filling problem

Hi All,
Have an older, but very functional dishwasher (almost). Ckt diagram looks very simple, but behavior of the machine is puzzling. It has a motorized cam switch controller.
Problem: It does not fill with water at the start of the cycle. If I turn the dial past Light Wash, it does fill. Obviously there are several times that machine fills with water during the full cycle.
Tested the inlet valve and float switch - both are fine and I can apply 110AC direct to valve to prove it works. I do not find 110V on the solenoid or float switch, so the problem must be upstream in the controller, but there's only one contact involved, which works in other stages.
From diagram it looks there are only two things in series with the solenoid valve: cam switch contact and float switch.
Since the cam switch operates in other stages of the cycle, it too must be good. So I'm puzzled why it will not operate at the very start of the cycle. Looked at the plastic cams and do not see any parts missing.
Has anyone seen this strange behavior?
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