Dirt Devil Swivel Glide Vision Handle Doesn't Lock in Upright Position- FIXED!

Iíve seen a few posts here and there about this problem and thought Iíd post the fix. The handle doesnít lock in the upright position on the Dirt Devil Swivel Glide Vision, might apply to similar models. The problem is a broken plastic tab in the vicinity of the handle release pedal assembly. Once you get the four screws off the underside, remove the topside of the motor cover. Slide off the pedal release assembly. Right next to it will be a silver metal retainer secured with a single screw. Remove this screw and the retainer. The broken tab should fall out. Molded onto the body of the vacuum cleaner is a round piece of plastic that causes the swivel action of the handle. The broken tab is part of this round piece and locks into the pedal assembly. You need to epoxy this plastic part back into its position, it should have been a clean break. Dab some epoxy (I used JBWeld for this, my epoxy of choice) along the broken edges and secure tightly in place. You may need to put some weight on it so it will stay put. After the epoxy has hardened (overnight is fine), mix about a thimble full of epoxy. Some people might also suggest roughening up the immediate area to improve adhesion. Tilt the vacuum cleaner 45 degrees while on its side so that when you place the epoxy at the base of the break, it does not pour out. You will be placing the epoxy on the inside of the round piece only opposite the break, because it will otherwise interfere with the tilting action. It helps to stiffen the epoxy by letting it sit for 15 minutes or so. What you are doing is thickening up the base of the tab that broke and reinforcing it onto the round piece. I did this step in two parts for a good solid build up. Make sure that the epoxy will not interfere with the operation of the pedal assembly after it hardens. Now let it dry overnight, re- assemble, and voila! the handle now locks into place like before. Very easy to do. So far has lasted a few weeks. This JBWeld stuff is quite tough and adheres very well to plastic.
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