damp basement

My wife's been after me to post this. Our house and our neighbor's across the street were both built with the same blueprints and in the same year, yet every spring/summer, our basement gets very damp and 1/4 to 1/2 inch little millipedes fall out of the drywall between the garage and the house while our neighbor's stays dry.
There don't appear to be any cracks in the foundation, yet in our house the moisture seems to well up and on humid days can even form puddles. But across the street it's dry. Their house generally stays cooler in the summer as well.
My wife's worried about the little millipedes and wonders why the same house across the street stays drier and cooler. A) are the little bugs signs of some kind of eating away at the wood? B) would it help to put some kind of sealant on the concrete of the foundation to keep the moisture out? Or would that cause other problems? and C) with the same kind of lots and construction, why would one house stay cooler than another?
Thanks -Mark
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