cutler hammer 200 amp breaker

Turn EVERYTHING off, at the input to the main breaker and all the individual breakers. then measure voltage with your meter and a 75W light bulb connected together. If you don't measure 120 on each of the two legs coming into the input to the breaker box, the problem is the power company. Call and tell them you are gettting a shock or something that is hazardous and they will be out pronto. If you measure 120 V on each side of the input to the breaker box, turn on the main breaker and check the voltage on each of the two hot busbars coming out of the main breaker. if not 120 V, the problem is your main breaker. The purpose of the 75W bulb is to put a small load on the line so that if there is a weak or corroded connection it will show up.
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