Curtin Flush Valve Issues

I have just replaced one of these in an old American Standard toilet circa 1937. Did a similar toilet several years ago. This one had no instructions, don't think the earlier one did either. In both cases, I had immediate leaks past the leather gasket. The surface of the gasket looks very rough and is impregnated with a greasy substance. In both cases I had to replace the leather gasket with one I fabricated from a piece of soft sheet rubber. The older toilet has been working fine for probably 10 years with this fix- hopefully the new one will too. Questions: Is my experience typical, or am I supposed to be prepping the gaskets in some way? I should mention that I checked the brass flange surface very carefully and found it to be perfect in both cases. The dealer said he had had no complaints, though I suspect he has sold very few of these. (Has Curtin gone out of business? Not surprising since most of these toilets are long gone I'd guess.) For you green folks, I do know these toilets are water wasters, but this is a historically important house and I hesitate to change the original fixtures. (The house has a Putnam steam boiler as well.) Help much appreciated- and thanks for your help in advance! Frank
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