Craftysman Chainsaw Bar Oil isn't!

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I have a relatively new Craftsman 20" model Number 944.411460. The bar oil has ceased to flow when it is running. If I take the chain and bar off, and tip the saw, oil will flow very lightly.
I removed the cap from the bar oil reservoir, and drained the oil to look inside. Inside I could see what appears to be a spring, about 1" in length attached to something on the bottom of the reservoir, near the back of the bar bolts. The other end is attached to nothing.
I cannot see into the reservoir enough to see where the spring might attach. Every single piece in the user manual breakout is listed - except the spring! and internal reservoir makeup. The manual troubleshoot suggest A-add oil (duh!), B-clear the hole (duh!) C-call Sears who will tell me to take it an authorized dealer who will charge me the price of a new Husqvarna! I only have about 20 hours on this thing and prefer to fix it instead of rent it for the $10 an hour it's cost me buy(?). It was rated to last 125 hours!
With bar off, there is a small silver-like item with a small hole in it. The hole goes nowhere. I put a paper clip into it and the hole does nothing. I fired up the compressor and forced air in and around this silver-like object. Reloaded the oil and started the motor (with bar and guide off) and oil dripped from this silver-like object, but ever so slowly.
I took a picture of this area and uploaded to where you, my friendly, and I hope learned reader, can see what I'm talking about. It is at
Any help is appreciated, and I most sincerely apologize if you catch this post in a cross-post, but I see most Groups in this arena are spam-owned and operated so the need to find help amongst it by cross posting was necessary.
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