Cleaning Aluminum Wire?

I will be reorganizing my electrical panel; and will be moving some #2 and #6 aluminum wires to different breakers. I understand I have to put antioxidant on the wires, but am unclear about cleaning them.
They are all clean and shiny, without a trace of oxidation. Do I have to clean them? If so, how? I have read references to wire bushes, but emery paper seems like a better choice; but then I really don't know anything about it.
As long as I am asking about aluminum wires, I have read that all connections should be checked for oxidation every few years. All the connections that I can easily see are in good shape, and all the screws are still tight after 20 years. It is difficult to get to the oven and range, and I would really rather not disturb a splice in a junction box. If the ones I can see are good, is it fair to assume the others are okay also (#6)? My understanding is that all the aluminum wire problems occur with #12 and #14, not with the larger stuff. thanks
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