central a/c doesn't turn on / off fast enough

do thermostats go bad over time?
the central a/c doesn't seem to turn on or off fast enough, can changing a
capacitor in it change this?
it seems to get stuck on and won't turn off unless the temperature setting
is raised 4 or 5 degrees higher than the usual cut off point, seems to be on
real hot days it does this
also, who makes the best or a good thermostat, both nonprogrammable and
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I've got two digital programmable Lux 500s from Lowes and they allow you to program this value from 1-5 degrees. They are 1/2 the price of Honeywells and mine are 5 years old with no problems.
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Many thermostats have an adjustment to change the temperature swing. It is also possible that it may not be functioning right.
If you have a cheap original thermostat, just replace it with a modern programmable. Honeywell makes some good ones from my experience. They will save you money in the long run by saving fuel. Their better "smart" models will make programming easier and more effective.
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Joseph Meehan
No. What do you mean, its not cutting on and off fast enough?
Well..hell...so far, nothing out of the ordinary here..a properly designed system, will run all day on the hottest of days, and cycle only when the outdoor temps and loads drop below the design temp.
Honeywell, or White Rodgers....anything else is a waste of your money.
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