Building a multi-level parking structure at Trailer Park

When I bought this 8 acre piece of Gods paradise in the 60's I never knew it would turn out to be a trailer park. The land is in Georgia and down here few people gots houses. Trailers are best to live in cuz when there is a divorce, one of them can just hook on a tractor and move the trailer to another park or swap trailers with someone in another park. Divorces happen all the time so this is the only way to live. Houses are too permanent and are only for people who are too old to get a divorce or belong to the Catholic church.
Anyhow, back in the 60's I buy'd this land and put my trailer here. Then my husband left me so he got half the land and put his own trailer on his half. My new man moved in with me and his son got a trailer and my ex-husband moved in a couple more trailers for his friends. Then my new hubby gave a trailer to his new bride and things got pretty much out of control. We now have over 100 trailer houses on this 8 acres and none of the same people cuz I dont know none of the people no more, but in 2002 my ex-husband died from drinking too much and I got back his half of the land. In a good month I get $5000 rent from all the trailers, but most of the time there are empty ones or people dont pay and I got to evict them. Then the cops come all the time because of the crack houses and other stuff.
Getting back to the multi-level parking structure. When I went on vacation to Atlanta, I saw one of these multi-level parking structures. I got ta thinking about that one of them should be in the back of our trailers. Maybe 3 or 4 levels. We got all kinds of dead cars and pickups on blocks and they make it so no one can park near their trailer anymore. I got to think that if we pile up a bunch of them old cars and pickups then we put a cement floor on top of them, and do that over again on the next level, and soon we will have a multi-level parking structure so everyone can park all their dead cars and the couple that still run. Then I can charge $20 a month to park their cars to pay for the multi-level parking structure.
Will using all the old cars in a stack make a good support for the structure? How much will it cost to make the cement floors? Should I put stop and go lights on each level to avoid in the air collissions when the residents get drunk? (I'm a little worried they might drive off the edge). How many stacks of cars do I need to support a 150 foot wide by 550 foot long slab of cement? And finally, how do I make a ramp for the drivers to get on top of each level. or should I just have a fork lift there so they can lift their own cars on and off the levels?
Queenie (Queen of the Trailer Park)
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