2nd Sump installation to fix foundation drainage problemo

I have been dealing with a problem with my foundation drainage system. To make a long story, which I already posted here shorter, we found the pipes are run the wrong way. here is a small diagram.
__________________________ | o1 | | : | | =========x======= | | : : |______________________ | : : o2 | | : : : | | o== ===================== | | 6 : : | | : : | | : : | | : ========y===============================o | | : : : 3 | | O o5 o4 | |________ _______________ | | | | | |___________| |___________|
o = cleanout locations and also where the bleeders enter the basement from outside.
O = sump pump
1,2,3,4 locations all have water and sand in them. If i dump water in them, the level won't raise so the water does drain, it's just elevated about 2.5".
5,6 drain normally
x,y are locations which have been found to be peaks in the piping system. That is x,y is like the top of a hill. So you can see why 05 and 06 are draining so nicely, while the rest are not, given where the sump pump is.
Its under warranty so the builder has been investigating it. Plumbers have been in and located the x locations. they have marked the floor between o5 and o4 showing exactly where the x point is. However, I am not quite sure what they plan to do about it. They have marked the floor between y and o5, but im not sure what modifying that strip of pipe will accomplish? He claims this will drain 1,2,3, and 4. I don't see how. I'm no plumber so perhaps my logic is wrong.
Any plumbers can advice how they would handle this?
My instinct is to just install another sump pit next to o3. This is my utility room and where i would have always preferred the sump to be anyway. The current sump is in my living area and cutting a significant chunk out of it. Plus its noisy. Runs about every 2 minutes, so 2nd sump aint all that bad.
How much would a 2nd sump installation run anyway?
Thanks for the tips and help on this complicated mess. My house is 3 years old and I have lived here for just about 2. I am the first occupant. Tryin to fix this so I can continue completing my basement with carpet tiles and ceramic tiles...

CL Gilbert
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