2nd project kitchen cabinet, what other tools do I need?

1st project completed. This time round want to try to build another one but NOT using solid plywood.
The core of the carcass is a frame mainly consisting of 1/2" x 2" batten. This is then sandwitched by 1/8" plywood - this is where the options starts to get difficult. I can use normal 1/8" plywood and do additional work to put veneers on. Or I can use prefinished 1/8" plywood which save me the time of do the veneers. Which option should I take?
I only have a homemade table saw. Is it all I need? What other tools are worthwhile to have? I am thinking that a trimmer is a must, but am unsure. For my next project, I may return to using solid plywood again. Would a trimmer be inadequate? Would a router would be more worthwhile?
Please advise!
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