What makes the oil get hot in a mower.

We have a Swisher pull behind mower that has a Briggs and Stratton 14.4 motor on it. After a few minutes of mowing the oil gets hot and it disappears. You let it cool down and it comes back. Any ideas on what would cause that?
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Oh that. That's very normal, it happens on every engine eventually if you're not paying attention. You have a very keen eye. That's the oil trying its absolute best to keep the engine from exploding. I know, I know, it's very annoying, everybody's busy, busy, busy. That problem is called EMPTY. - See, the oil gets splashed around and up into everything it can to save you hundreds and thousands of dollars. When it's left to sit, "cool down" as you say, the oil drains back down to rest from the war it's fighting bare handed. You need to fill the only sump to the proper level. Then, you can drag it around like a rotting slab of meat for hours and hours. Enjoy.
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