Yellowing bean plants

Some of my bean plants are getting a little yellowish/light green. What
is a good fertilizer to use on them? I'm thinking they need nitrogen or
magnesium from the pictures of seen.
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This is what I use when training students. Hope it helps
N = Nitrogen Keeps lawn green and helps with disease and wear tolerance P = Phosphates Promotes root growth. K = Soluble Potash Strengthens lawn against climatic conditions, i.e. drought and cold. Ammoniacal Nitrogen, Urea Nitrogen, Water Insoluble Nitrogen, Other Water Soluble Nitrogen
All these green up your lawn. Magnesium (Mg) Makes nutrients available to the plant. Sulphur (S) Most NZ soils benefit sulphur which is an essential plant nutrient. Sulphur encourages healthy growth. Iron (Fe) Colours up the lawn, and kills the moss in shady places. Hardens it up to disease. Manganese (Mn)
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