Mower problem

Suffolk punch. Running erratically at higher speed and stalls when
idling. I have change the points and the gap is what is displayed on the
plastic cover. Cleaned the needles, float chamber. I am truly stuck. Can
anybody help?
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Try rebuilding the carburetor using a kit obtained at the local small engine shop. The most important item in the kit is the main diaphragm. These tend to get old and hard and end up cracking. This lets in air. Forget about replacing all the fuel nozzles, etc. Look carefully at the accelerator pump, the gadget that gives a little squirt of gas when you ask for more power/speed.
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Thanks for answering my call. I don't think there is a diaphram. It is an old four stroke, before they zenith carbs had diaphram fitted. I changed the lower section (float, Main mixture section) but is still the same. I feel that I will have to accept defeat. Luckily There is a motorcycle department where I work and they said for me to drop it in. Many thanks again.
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Well, sometimes this happens, my husband also had problems with his mower and he couldn't do anything to fix it, so we had to buy a new one. New for us, i mean. We looked at auction sites but he found his mower here in 'Grass equipment'
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category. Good luck with your machine!
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