Yellow/pale grass section on Lawn

Its 2 months since i asked the original questions about my problem law and i aerated as suggested, but to little effect at the time as i wa still constantly using the lawn.
But now the rainy season(?) has hit the UK i think its time for th "fall" maintenance to begin. I've got a day this week planned to do i and just want to run my "to do list" past you guys.
* Over the weekend i plan to completley aerate the lawn with the hollo tine and fill the holes with sharp sand. * Use an electric scarifier to give the grass a good going over and ge out any dead grass/thatch etc * Give the lawn a modest mow to pick up as much of the remaining dea stuff the scarifier left behind. * Rake the lawn to disturb the soil (depending on how much th scarifier has done) * Spike aerate the lawn with the roller aerater * Spread new grass seed * Use a broom to make sure the grass gets into the soil * Apply a "top mix" at around quarter inch * Brush in top mix * Water regular for a couple of weeks if required to allow seed t take.
How does that sound?
I also would like some suggestions on 1) Autumn(Fall) Feeding? and 2 The top mix
1) At what stage would you recommend i apply the Autumn feed? before after? somewhere in the middle? Weeks after? Also, what should i b looking for in terms of content?
2) Top Mix. I was going to make my own using compost, sharp sand an some riddled soil i've saved through the summer. If this is ok, the great, if not, what should i be looking for?
Thanks in advance for all your help.
Mick Sheffield, England
-- Zarch
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