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I tried to post a question about ground cover on a clay chert slope.
It didn't appear.
Anywho I have seen several nice plants on the Internet but at six to
nine dollars each it would take a bunch of dollars.
The little slope has forest behind it and the slop is down to the
retaining wall.
Something like 100 ft across and maybe 20 ft to the edge of the woods.
Can't use a mower unless I take a lot of vitamins.
Want something cheap that will flourish in dry as well as wet.
We don't get a whole lot of snow but freezing will cause some problems
so I need to get whatever in October.
Any ideas?
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lil Abner
I had looked at it. Sounded like UK and I would have suggested ivy but may not grow well in clay. Ground cover may be expensive but something like ivy is easy to clone yourself.
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We have a steep hill on one side of the house that is mostly clay soil. = Years ago I sprayed for weeds and killed a bunch of red apple type of = ice plant. Red apple works good for us because I'm in a dry climate and = we never have to water. It helps to have a neighbor at the top of the = hill who over-waters. Hyuk hyuk... Without him, we would probably have = to water.
Anyway, once it grows out, you can break off pieces, stick them in the = hard ground and they will take off like crazy. Otherwise it's farily = expensive to buy by the flat.
When I went to planting, it was just like rock even after soaking good. = So I got a 3/4-inch cement bit and drilled a hole about 4 inches or so = deep spaced about 6-12 inches apart (can't remember exactly distance). = Then dropped cuttings in to the holes, soak them and filled up with dirt = loosely. I don't remember how much I watered them at the time, but the = water stayed in the holes and didn't drain much, so it wasn't that = frequently.
That's all I did and it grew back and is taking over the yard now. = LOL!!
Here's what ours looks like. Beautiful dark red flowers and the honey = bees love it.
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,-Red-apple.aspxI'm the kind of feller hoo likes to spend 15-30 minutes a week doing = yard work, and most of that time I spend standing in the shade drinking = a Pepsi. I don't mess with coddling or talking to the plants, except to = say "Yew better grow or next week you'll be in the salad" and that = works perty good.
Guv Bob
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Guv Bob

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