Re: Atco commodore b14 problems

Does anyone have the above and could they send me a picture of where the
> carb linkage meets the vertical rod from the governer arm.
> My newly acquired mower runs fine when adjusting the carb by hand, but
> the throttle control on the handlebars seems to do nothing ie I can't
> control the revs. The lever is working and the cable running free and
> fine. It seems to be connected all the way to the vertical rod in the > picture.
> Any help much appreciated, I spent a long emotional weekend trying to
> fix it/work it out and got nowhere.
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Hi I have been very frustrated by the same problem and the picture made
it worse. I took it that the picture was the correct arrangement so that
was me stuck.
The link from the carburetor should be in the other hole in the plate
on top of the carb.It will be seen to be then a straight line rather at
an angle the nylon fitting on top of the linkage will need adjesting (it
is much easier if you make screwdriver slot on top of the nylon nut
using a hacksaw)
all the best Jimmy Gardiner
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jimmy gardiner

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