Lawnmower wont cut in reverse

I recently got a bolens model 760 riding lawn mower and am very
satisfied with it except when I put it in reverse with the blades
engaged the engine dies. I assume this is normal. Since I
don`t have any kids or pets I would like to know what to do to make it
cut in reverse. Thank you for any info Herb
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Herb Eneva
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Look online for a service manual. That should have a wiring diagram that shows the various kill switches involved. Or take a look for a switch that detects when it's in reverse.
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I don't know about that particular mower, but it is a safety that has been around for over 10 years. I bought a John Deere about 9 years ago and it had a button you had to press to mow in reverse that I jumpered out. It wore the transmission out so this year I bought a Huskivarnium. The switch on it has a reverse mow position. You start the blades and then turn the switch to the mow in reverse position.
Yours may or may not have a temporary over ride switch. If not it is time to look for the interlock switch that is made or broken in reverse.
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Ralph Mowery

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