In Search of Insectosaur- Biggest Bug Contest

Rampant rainfall, soaring temperatures, and high humidity have had a
drastic affect on the insect community. In addition to being called
one of the worst mosquito seasons in decades, bed bug infestations are
being reported at an astounding rate.
This summer why not make the bug season pay off? Got a roach the size
of a small dog, moth, spider or other pest on steroids? Black Flag,
America=92s leader in insect control since 1833, has launched a
nationwide search for America=92s biggest bug. Sixty insectophiles will
be awarded with prizes and money.
Be brave and get close enough to snap a photo to claim the bug bounty.
To enter the photo contest, visit
formatting link
for details,
official rules, and entry form. The contest runs from June 1st through
August 5th.
Let me know if you=92d like to see any images or would like more
Rosie Gillam | LKH&S |
| 312.595.0200 ext 118 | |
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