I'm new to this site and need some advice.

I have recently moved and have now got a large garden 150ft long and
30ft wide. The problem is the soil, the garden was neglected before we
moved in, it is full of small hills which we have tried to flatten and
the lawn has lots of patches with no grass and the soil is full of
stones and a sort of cement mixture in it too, the only thing that seems
to grow in this soil are weeds.
I would love some advice on how to solve the soil problem, thank you
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First of all remove stones,big obects from soil.Then dig the soil over and add any necessary soil conditioning materials such as coarse sand, organic matter such as well rotted compost, bonemeal etc.Also you can spread one layer of another soil.
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On May 23, 2:13=A0am, allen73 wrote:
Depending on how uneven the ground is, you might need to spread some gravel and add top soil.
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