How to fix a perma-squealing B&D 16" corded e-ic hedge trimmer

I actually have two with the same problem.
They run fine, but they now also squeal without relent.
Can I take it apart and get it to stop the noise?
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re: "They run fine, but they now also squeal without relent"
They squeal without relent? Even when unplugged?
You don't need a repair, you need an exorcist.
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it is definitely not the blade, and is definitely inside
over at in the Tool Shed they said the motor uses cheaper bushings, not bearings, that I could lubricate for a temp fix. Do you guys trust them.
Can you recommend any of these cordless models over any of the other ones from these?:
Yardworks B&D Worx / Earthwise
from the cheap category
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On 8/25/2009 1:47 PM bent spake thus:
Dunno if I trust them, as I don't even know them. But yes, almost any motor can be lubricated, even one with crappy busings/bearings. Shouldn't be hard to open it up and apply lube where needed.
The question is how long it'll last, but it should quiet it down at least temporarily. Me, being a compulsive DIYer/fixer, I'd do it.
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David Nebenzahl
The motor probably runs through a gear reduction to drive the clipper. So, does the noise seem synced to the motion of the shearing, or is it a higher pitched more continuous noise. You may wish to take a piece of hose and snoop like a stethoscope to see where the sound is originating. Lubricate there, probably with a grease or heavy oil rather than a light oil. If you take this apart, you will probably see where the gears are meshing, add grease there
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I've been generally pleased with B&D repair, even beyond the warranty period. You might give that a shot.
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