Good idea to always hose down the lawnmower?

I understand that the grass on the lawnmower corrode the metal.
Would hosing down the mower after every use, be bad idea. Or would
the overspray water create problems in the engine?
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Never hose down a hot engine after use. Engines don't like the quick uneven change in temps, causing stuff internal or external to crack of snap. Use the leaf blower.
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Steve Stone
It depends on a lot of things. Higher quality mowers that used sealed bearings in the blade brake and possibly the wheels do not do well with being hosed down. Hot sealed bearings when hit with cold water can actually suck a small amount of water in past the seals. That will kill the bearings pretty quickly. Cheaper mowers that don't use high quality bearings can generally withstand a wash down when hot without any problems. Where you direct the water is important. Avoid the cables, a tiny amount of water in a cable will cause it fail quickly. Avoid the air filter and the engine as much as possible. Try to just wash the mower deck.
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My John Deere mowing deck has a fitting for attaching a hose although I haven't tried it yet. I won't spray the engine, however.
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The body of the mower I use is an old Snapper body. Solid aluminum, pretty thick, too.
I don't bother rinsing it off, since there's nothing to rust. I scrape the accumulated grass from below the deck every dozen or two mowings, that's about it.
And put a new motor on it every decade or so.
They don't make 'em like they used to.
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Jon Danniken

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