hollyhock, foundation and gas meter question

Hi All,
I have a Hollyhock growing next to my gas meter up against
the cement foundation of my house. Does this Hollyhock
present an kind of danger to either 1) the gas meter,
2) the gas pipes, and/or 3) the foundation of my house?
I want to make sure the roots do not affect the gas meter
or its lines and make sure the roots do not crack my foundation.
Many thanks,
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Main issue is if the meter is read visually or remotely. If it's visual, then the gas company needs to be able to get to it easily. Even if not, they generally like to keep the area near it accessible for service if needed. However, if they don't need access to read it, I doubt they are going to complain. If they need to swap the meter, which is required every so many years in at least some states, the growth could be trimmed back as needed then.
That plant doesn't have roots of enough substance to be a danger to either pipes or the foundation.
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