holes next to the house walls.

I have a lot of animal holes next to the walls of my house. Can these animals do any damage with their holes, or should I leave the holes be? I think some are vacant.
Is there some way to distinguish the rabbit, squirrel, and chipmunk holes from others (rats? moles? (I don't think I have moles. I've seen 2 rats in 20 years, but they probably come straight from the nearby sanitary sewer manhole.)
I like rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks, and unless they really do harm with holes, I'd rather leave them alone.
I have cinder block foundation walls. Except in one corner where I had allowed the close end of the downspout cement channel to tip backwards towards the house, the basement never gets wet from water seeping in. And if there is some other kind of water, like a split washing machine hose, it dries very quickly. (Usually 4 to 12 hours, if I suck up any large amounts.)
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