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Hi everyone.. Have recently just bought my first house and garden needs
a a fair bit of tlc.. So started with the lawn as it was covered in
Since treating with weed killer I have loads of brown patches... What do
I need to do about this? Thanks..
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Google for lawn renovation. Exactly what you need to do depends on the extent of the brown patches and whether the existing grass is desirable and worth saving. If it's crap grass, has undesirable weed type grasses mixed in, etc, it's better to kill it all off and re-seed with a good quality grass.
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that's why i never recommend weed killers for lawns. just mow it regularly and let nature sort it out. mulching mower, set blades up high.
once you've done damage to the lawn you can reseed, but early summer is about the worst time to do that. better to have done it in the early to mid-fall before it is cooler and easier to get grass started. that also makes the weed pressure less.
now, perhaps seeding it and adding a thin layer of mulch to help keep the moisture in, but i still think it's too hard to keep it properly moist and you're mostly wasting water, time, money, etc.
if the area is large and you don't really care what it looks like for the summer you could try to plant a cover crop (radish, buckwheat, turnips, etc) and then in the early fall mow it down and plant your grass seeds into that stubble. but most people can't let their lawns go tall without the neighbors or home owners associations from going nuts. it really is better to have something growing there rather than nothing for the summer because dry hard ground is very uninviting for new grass growth...
so much depends upon climate and rains, types of grasses, light, soil conditions, availability of compost or mulches...
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I've got a few bare spots that were covered by pine needles for a couple of years. I racked them up and roughed up the soil. Will sow some seed into the soil, keep wet and see what happens. Will probably have another 1-2 weeks of moderate temp before the heat kicks in.
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