Preparing old lawn for new one

Got too many weeds in one patch of the yard about 15x30 and decided to
kill or remove all the old grass/weeds and start fresh with new seed.
I'm wondering if I covered it with tarps, how long would it take for the
grass and weeds to die? I don't want to spray it with herbicide. Temp
will be around 75-80 from now until August, then 80-90 until mid-Sept.
No rain excepted any time soon.
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Snuffy "Hub Cap" McKinney
Try googling "soil solarization" and you'll find a wealth of information. From what I gather it'll work in a few weeks _provided_ you have lots of hot, all-day sunshine.
Apart from needing full sun, the tarps need to be sealed tightly, usually by burying the edges, and it helps if the soil is watered before tarping.
Here's one of many articles on the subject:
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bob prohaska
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