Electric Mowers

Self propelled electric mowers seem like the obvious way to go, IF
they have the published longevity to complete a mowing, etc.
The published specs are just within limits of my new house, etc.
Informed advice and comments will be most welcome and thanks ...
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I've got a Worx 19" 24v mower (not self propelled) and it has far more than enough charge to do my lawn (probably over7000 square feet total, generously allowing for the buildings, garden beds and hardscaping). This includes the occasional times when I've had to mow the thickest parts of the lawn twice to properly mulch it when forced by rain to let it grow too long.
I also have a Worx electric leaf shredder.
Both of these have been far, FAR better than the products (electrics by other manufacturers) that they replaced--much sturdier, easier to use, and more powerful. And the Worx mower has never failed to do the whole lawn on one battery charge (where others have).
Worx make a self-propelled cordless electric mower, and if you go by the web reviews for it (and my experience with the Worx products I own) you should definitely consider it.
I prefer electric mowers. Less noise. Less waste. Bring the battery in over the winter, charge it before the mowing season starts and you are good to go.
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Pat Kiewicz
Thanks for the tip.
Placed an order with Amazon ...
On Sat, 14 Apr 2012 07:17:03 -0400, Pat Kiewicz wrote:
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Mine isn't a Flymo but is a rechargeable mower and is the greatest invention since sliced bread!! In saying that, there was a small area of Kikuyu in the rental and I used to adjust the mower one notch higher, but it still did a good job. I don't bother with the catcher, instead prop the rear shute open just a little so grass clippings don't clog up the works and my shoes/legs don't get splattered.
After every 2nd or 3rd mow, I plug the power adaptor into a power point and it's ready to go again next time, I mow a little over 400sqm each time. The battery can also be removed quite easily and take to the power point but I find it just as easy to leave it in situ for charging. At least you have options.
I'm assuming the Flymo is similar but didn't look into one as I didn't want to throw a whole lot of $$$'s at a rechargeable because I had doubts as to their capabilities....those doubts have been proved unfounded!! Anyway here's the one I have, ebay.com.au #280745718281 ....I can't vouch for, or promoting that seller as I bought mine elsewhere but it's the same mower (mine was cheaper). I've been using it for just over 18 months and would buy another in a heartbeat...a close family member bought a 'broken' one on eBay for a handful of $$$'s, it only needed a new fuse!! Btw, the fuse fitted when new is way too low and blew when I mowed into a clump of grass (yeah, shouldn't have done it, but you know how it is?) and I took it to an auto electrician to be tested, it was all OK and he said to use a 30Amp fuse, not a problem since.
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