Drainage and new lawn

my current lawn suffers from poor drainage, mainly due to heavy clay
subsoil and being enclosed by trees/conifers. it alsosuffers from
mushrooms/lichen and other generalweeds.
I am going to replace the lawn(will probably wait till next spring) but
was wondering if i removed the current lawn now, dug out and laid the
drainage channels and then relaid with topsoil and covered with a
permeable membrane will this give me the best start to laying the lawn
next year or should i just do it all at once
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Doing it now may well allow the top soil to settle naturally. This way you will be able to watch how it lies and make any adjustments to get it as level as possible before you lay the lawn. That is if you can stand to look at a membrane all winter!!
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actually i live in north west england and if i was to lay a lawn now it would be dead by spring. Fall may be best in america but definately not here in 'sunny' manchester.
Thanks for the reply
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