Old lawn and planning to returf...please help..

Can I start by apologising if this is the 100,000 time the followin
question has been asked but I am struggling to get a decent answe
(from my in laws!)
We have a v.old lawn (60 years), and it is showing its age. Added t
that the soil is very heavy clay, and the drainage is a nightmare.
We plan to dig a soakaway, and lay the special drainage 'pipes' t
drain the worst areas. Once we have done this we plan to top the groun
with topsoil and horicultural grit to help the drainage.
My question is - do I have to completely 'lift' the old lawn or can
a) leave it as is and lay topsoil + grit over it
b) rotovate it and lay topsoil + grit over it.
Sorry to be a pain
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You can do either.
Your existing grass will grow through unless you kill it all first. If you want more of the same type of grass, let it live.
I would take the opportunity to mix the new soil in with the old by rotovating.
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I'd say the answer depends on how much new topsoil you're getting. If it's an inch, then putting an inch of great new topsoil on top of 8 inchs of heavy clay that is already there isn't going to do much to change the overall soil. It would be better to till what's there together with the soil ammendments and then top it off with the inch of new top soil and do the final grading.
If you;re going to get 7 inchs of topsoil, then it won't matter.
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Thanks Steve and Trader 4 thats great.
I think i'll go the whole hog and get the 7 inches of top soil an allow the new turf to live in relative luxury.
Thanks again.
-- dubliner10
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