every year i put a borad leaf herbicice down to kill the dndylons,
every year they come back.. How do I get rid of them for good?
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Peter Pan
Peter Pan wrote the following:
You can't get rid of them for good if your neighbors allow them to grow. Besides, some will come back in spaces that didn't get dry weed killer.. I buy concentrated liquid weed killer and mix it with water in a 2 gallon pump sprayer and walk around the yard spraying dandelions, plantain, clover, and ground ivy, that the granules didn't get.
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An even better approach is to skip the granular herbicide all together and just use the pump sprayer. That minimizes the herbicide and delivers it right where it is needed. A good, dense properly maintained lawn shouldn't need weed-b-feed at all and the small amount of dandelions and other weeds can easily be taken care of with the pump sprayer.
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