Converting lawn mower to manual throttle?

I have a cheap MTD mower with a 5hp B&S engine. The "automatic"
throttle lost a spring and the plastic piece that appears to control the
engine speed (the vertical piece in this pic:
formatting link

is broken so I converted it to a manual throttle cable. I connected the
cable to the piece that is connected to the plastic piece in the above
pic via a rod with a loop in it. (Hopefully the pic and description
make sense).
The thing is that if I'm sitting still the cable controls the RPMs as
expected but as I move the mower around RPMs fluctuate even if I'm not
cutting anything. I except the RPMs to drop when there's a load from
cutting but it seems random and will surge and drop.
Any thoughts? Is there something else that controls engine speed that I
haven't found on this engine?
thanks in advance!
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I'm late but you still need the automatic part, even with a manual throttle. They all have it. Otherwise it will stall quicker than you can ajust the throttle.
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