We have moved into a property and everytime that we have heavy rain the
garden holds water and can take up to 5 days to completely drain. We
have a large patio area and then an area of about 60 square metres of
decorative pebbles. I cleared the pebbles and found that there had been
a pond of about 15 square metres in area and about 1 metre deep, there
is a crazy paved pavement around the pond of about 10 square metres. The
pond liner is still in had been filled in with rubble and large pieces
of paving stone basically it had been used as a skip and then covered
with a weak mixture of sand and cement. There is a drain at one end of
the pond but this as nearly blocked.
I have had 5 landscape gardeners to price up for laying a lawn.
The first said leave it as it is and put in raised borders. There is a
natural duck pond about 30 metres from the house.
The second said to remove the hard core, remove the liner fill it back
in with the rubble, put the pebbles on top and fit French drains to the
existing drain.
The third said do not put in too much drainage as it would cause the
grass to turn green. He would not use French drains or the pebbles.
The fouth did not suggest any and just asked me what I wanted.
The fifth said he would remove the rubble and liner, install a sump,
fill in with small rubble and use the pebbles but no French Drain
Can anyone advise me on the best way to lay the lawn. Should we use the
pebbles on top of the hard core. Should we install French drains or is
the area of the pond enough to drain the garden. How deep should the top
soil be if we use the pebbles.
Malcolm Scott
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Malcolm Scott

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