Atco B14 repairs

Im new to this forum , but im sure someone can help me with a small
Im trying to repair a Atco B14 cylinder mower for a friend. The main
output bearing has gone...well worn out. Got a replacement bearing
fairly quickly, just cant get that damned drive sprocket off. Had a
look on the atco web site , just to make sure there was no circlip
holding it in place ! Later models used a nut .
Can anyone shed any light, before i get the blow torch out !
Im thinking of warming up the spocket it may be a shrink fit .
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Do you know which of the Atco B14's you have there Ensign, Delux, Commodore? Which sprocket are you talking about here? The one from the centrifugal clutch or the cutting cylinder spindle? Theres a lot of variation on these machines so as much info as possible would help
Atco Parts Diagrams -
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Atco Webb Qualcast Merry Tiller Parts -
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Let me know and i'll see if can shed some light on things for you if non of the above are helpfull.
Cheers *Mechanic*
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Hi and thanks for the reply.
I managed to remove the main drive sprocket off the shaft . It's a left hand thread fitting ...duurrr..should have figured that one , when i couldn't find a grub screw, split pin or cirlock pin.
However the main output shaft has been worn from the damaged bearing, so that needs replacing. Now the frustrating bit ! The mower service centre here in Nottingham that sells all spare parts , wont supply a shaft , unless you have an account ! Special order only , and its only £ 18 plus Vat . The bearing is a standard off the shelf job for a tenner. So now my mate has to take mower to them, so they can do the repair , and no doubt charge him a small fortune ! A fourty quid repair by a jack of all , become's a 140 quid job.
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