36 Volt battery lawn mowers, anyone opinions or experiences?

I'm looking at a Toro "E-cycler" 36 volt battery mower for my lawn which is
about 60 x 120 feet. I'm in southern Ontario so would use from mid April to
late October once a week. lawn is 40 years+ and it a bit rough but a
gentle grade.
it's an all steel deck with a lock-out for children, integrated battery and
20" mulching deck. It's $439 CDN, compared to $399 for the black and
decker. and 2 year full warranty too.
Anyone own a 36 v lawn mower? anyone have any opinions on this toro or
battery lawn mowers in general? Will this thing die in 2 or 3 years or have
to get battery replacement once the warranty is up? Are these things a
waste of money?
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