I have an irritrol RD600 (Exterior) made about 1998.

I have an irritrol RD600 (Exterior) made about 1998. It had the problems that Peabody had and I followed Anon's advice and replaced the capacitor 220uf35V. It had a different number, C3. I think. I also replaced C2, 22uf35V. I tested both before replacing them and they both appeared to be ok. The ohmeter dial moved quickly then returned to zero. Anon's solution made everything better. No more clacking sounds and all of the stations functioned correctly except six. I tried a manual test on 6 several times and instead of running valve 6, the timer operated valve 1 for the time I had selected. I suspected a short in wires one and six and by passed the cord with a separate wire to 6 (no change in the common wire). Valve 6 worked that time. I changed the main cord to eliminate what I thought was a short and the original problem came back. I tried a bypass on this new cord and valve 6 would not work manually. Valve 1 worked when the timer was set on 6. Valve 1 also worked with the timer set on 1.
I read a post on another page saying this was a problem with some of the older timers but that it was a “glitch” that had been fixed. I have taken the panel apart again and did not find any mistakes on my part regarding the timer or the dial.
Thanks anon for the advice. Any ideas about this new issue?
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