I have a outlet that has 2 hot wires and 2 ground. can I bypass 1 of each

This will need more information to answer. Usually, there's Hot (black or red, sometimes other colors), Neutral (always white), and (Bonding) Ground (bare or green.) [BTW, I am NOT an electrician, but a homeowner who's been bit.]
Where do those wires go? If you plug a lamp into the outlet, and turn off breakers (or pull fuses) until the lamp goes off, you can likely work on it safely. Now pull off one pair (hot and neutral, put a wire-nut on each to insulate them) and see if the lamp comes on when that breaker is on. If not, that's the feed from the service panel. If not, then look to see what other outlets DON'T work, that's where the daisy-chain goes from that outlet, a common practice.
Just what did you want to bypass?
For the savvy homeowner/kludge, there's a little booklet at the hardware stores, Wiring Simplified by H.P. Richter, that is updated every year or two, to current National Electric Code, that I've found quite handy; it has a section on Old Work that I've found invaluable in my 1910 Craftsman-style house, around knob-and-tube wiring that I'm _very_ gradually (and carefully) replacing.
For more, make friends with a local Real Electrician, who might advise you, or at least do it right, so it can pass inspection.
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