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I live in the tropics in Australia and down South in Oz it is winter, here what is called the dry season, which is the coolest part of the year, I have seen it drop as low as 9 c (48 f) a couple of times in other years. They say it once got down to 6.2 c (43 f) but that was many years ago (1946).
Two weekends ago we had to run the cooling in the computer room as it got up over 32 c (90 f) in there, 30 c (86 f) outside, one is wondering what the temperature is likely to get up to in our hottest part of the year.
Once I saw it get to 40 c (104 f) which is very hot for here as we have high humidity being in the tropics.
At the time I was running my air cooled 3 phase 28 KW diesel generator and the diesel motor cut out on over temperature as it is located in doors in a well ventilated garage.
Since then I have installed a large fan (24 inch) running at 2800 RPM to bring in heaps more air so hopefully it will fix the situation if it gets that hot again and the genny is running.
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