high humidity with newly installed system

I recently had a geo comfort pardyne system installed. i have 3 ton
horizontol loop field with a 2.5 ton paradyne system.
i have air handler in attic (no basement) with everything insulated.
my issue is that my weather station in my house shows R.H. from 53-65%.
I complained to the installer and he had the supply rep come out to my
house with him and they went over everything.
I am getting some condensate from the drain, but not sure how much
itshould be. the thing cools great no problems. the unit is now short
cycling. I checked the coil and there is no air bypassing around the
coil, and even thought the istallers left some blown fiber glass
insulation in duct there was VERY little on coil.
the supply rep tells me that the "TXV" valve is always trying to
balance the freon and where you used to get 20 degree temp drop across
the coil you now get more like 14 degrees and so just can't de-humidify
like the old a/c systems.
he says I should not worry about the R.H., his instruments show it was
around 54%.
I have not paid the installer yet because of this and want to pay if I
should but don't want to if something needs to be fixed because I will
not have a "carrot" then.
I've read where humidty levels above 50% can lead to mold, dust mite
issues, etc. am I just being paranoid and should pay?
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that guy
GeoComfort doesn't make a Paradyne Unit
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What are all the readings ask for them so you can post them. Water In temp and #, water out temp and #, all pressures and temps of refrigerant and lines,
What is the real Brand and model of Geo unit.
What is the OD temp, Rh, and what is the ID temp, what is thermostat set at? Do you have a copy of the load calculation.
Was your system designed for heating or cooling capacity. If sized for heating, is it a 2 stage unit?
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Bob Pietrangelo
Here systems are sized to maintain 50 - 55%RH @ 75 degrees. The first question I would be asking is how accurate is your weather station?? Then check myself with my digital psycrometer.
Ya think you might have voided the warranty by poking around inside the unit??
He is full of sh*t
54% is acceptable in my area
I hope you gave him a big enough deposit to at least pay for the equipment while your screwing around. BTW, what did the inspector say about the installation?? The installer *did* pull a permit, didn't he?? and it was inspected by the your local building/mechanical inspector, wasn't it??
Yes, you are being paranoid and need to do a lot more homework. There is a very narrow bell curve where molds and virus' will *NOT* grow..... 45 ~ 55% RH @ 75 degrees. RH that is too low or too high is not good.
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Usually those promoting that you have to maintain under 50% tend to sell dehumidifiers.
Under 60 is good for comfort, get into the 70% plus range to worry about mold. Mold does not spontaneously generate from the high humidity levels, it needs a wet food source to get started. Condensation somewhere, a leak etc.
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Abby Normal
To clarify, mold thrives in certain humidity ranges.
Higher indoor RH also elevates the dewpoint of that air making condnesation more likely to occur.
A free chapter from Lew Harrimans book
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Abby Normal
Sorry about the delay, had a new addition to the family and was side tracked. Now to answer some questions:
1. Sorry about the mixup, it is a 2.5 ton ClimateMaster Paradigm 2. "Will not run long enough": don't believe is short cycling (runs 20+ minutes at a time) 3. "What performance specs did I agree on":he said would have 20 degree temp drop from outside, which it does, just does not take care of R.H. As far as performance specs I asked for something that would cool and heat my house, if a system is supposed to leave 54%-65% humidity in the house then I got what I asked for, if not then I would say it is "broke" and obviously I did not ask for a system that was broke. 4. Performance: when the temp outside it 89F I can put the stat on 67F and get 67F but the R.H. can be anywhere from 53%'ish-63%. They checked to make sure coil not blocked and that air was not sneaking by the coil. also house is newer and WELL insulated. I'm wondering about the freon charge? 5. "How acurate is my weahter station"-good question, will try to get my hands on digi cyclometer. The rep brought one but was getting reading all over the place, right at a vent he was getting a high reading and then said it was because he was in vent, put in middle of room and said was 54% but I never saw this. 6. "Stage unit": only a single stage unit and asked him about this, he said I would have had to wait all summer for this. 7. Below 70% R.H. is good: please see
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on dust mites,
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for mold, many others but basically everyone is saying to keep R.H. between 40-50%
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