Grade Report, you decide!

What grade should Paul give to his student?
===================Teacher's Reply ===================

Let's see - it's supposed to open at 280 ( a range that indicates a problem ), you find it opening at 180 - 211, numbers that are normal operation.
To change, or not to change ?
To change, or not to change ?
'Tis the question.
You actually need help with that one ? And you ask on a Sunday, when overtime rates are in effect ?
Well, I know this guy who will answer it for you, right after you drop 50 bucks in his paypal account for saving you $ 1,000.
===============Student's Reply =============== Remember, I am not the HVAC expert here. As I said I see it running around 190 degrees today at discharge. When it opens it appears the temperature has gone up somewhat (to lets say 207 on the discharge). Now I'll admit that by the time I get there, residual heat may have raised the temperature a little. I would not expect to find a 70 degree difference from the well the sensor is in, but who the heck knows. I am not a compressor expert. So what is the upper end of normal temperature on a compressor discharge? I know, I know since they set the limit at 280 degrees, anything up to that is normal... :-). Really, what is the normal operating range. Is 200 - 240 as someone stated before normal?
Straight answer?
================Teacher's Reply ================

Oh, I think we understand that.

The first 100 questions are free. You are on questoin # 101. 50 bucks.
If you're not bright enough to figure out the answer by this time, you're not bright enough to be fucking with the unit, go pay the other guy $ 1,100.
What do you want me to do, draw you a picture ?
=========================Student's Reply ========================= So thanks for your time and be quiet. Maybe someone else will answer the temperature question, maybe not. Since you are not, you might as well not give any answers.
By the way, you want to go back and read your posting where you told me to post the temperatures once I get them? Can't remember that, eh? Must of been a bad weekend.
Am I bright enough to figure this out. Yes I am, but I am a little suspicious of the temperature jumping 20 or 30 degrees after what it had been running at for an hour up to that. Just seemed weird to me, but maybe there is normal variations I did not catch (that is an answer I do not know).
=========================Teacher's Reply =========================

Be quiet ? You complete and utter fucking ungrateful asshole.
Take that sensor and shove it up your ass sideways, moron.

You might as well suck my dick, you sorry little piece of stupid shit.

No, you're not. You're a fucking asshole

=======================Teacher's Additional Reply ======================= PS - And people wonder why I don't want ho-moaners posting their BS DIY crap here.
Let no good deed go unpunished.
Hey, sensor-boi - shove your thermometer up your ass along side that sensor and let us know how well it's calibtrated.
Then lick it off.
========================What's your opinion, pass or fail? ========================
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Only for Paul to decide--but being's the student never checked back for his final exam...
Hey--wherever there's a sense of humour I fully endeavour find ( and enjoy )...
Not my prob his tends to go over the top a all but the 96th percentile.

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