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Hi all.
I recently acquired a home that has a gas fireplace. Initially it was
but started it up this weekend. Everything works fine, but the pilot
seems to be
very large. It is around 2-3" and yellow in color (can be seen over the
logs). Usually when I see pilots on other appliances they are small and
blue. Is
this normal for a firelpace? Do I need to get the gas repair people in to
it? The fireplace has a Robertshaw 7000 millivolt valve.
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On Sun, 20 Sep 2009 13:47:37 +0000, sti.pwr_at_shaw_dot
Have them in for a thorough safety inspection anyway. mention the pilot to them at that time.
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wrote >>Hi all.
Can't argue with that logic.
The OP may want to check for an instruction manual. If he does'nt have it, he may be able to download it or call the manufacturer for one. It is not unusual to see a large pilot on a gas fireplace. They are'nt always like the tiny pilots we always see on hot water tanks these days. Anyway, almost every new gas fireplace manual I see anymore shows a pic or drawing of the pilot in action so you get it just right.
HTH, Lefty
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